Reasons to Avoid the Holiday Sugar Rush

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Between the Thanksgiving pies, Halloween candy and stockings filled with treats, it can be hard to resist the temptations of sugar during your holiday season. There are the obvious reasons to avoid sugar, which include the empty calories and the negative effects on your dental health. Lifetime Family Dental, your dentist in Gilbert, hope that your teeth are among your top priorities, but if they are not enough motivation to cut back on the sugar on their own, here are a few more reasons!

Fresh off the digital presses is a study out of the journal Obesity that demonstrates some pretty convincing results linking obesity and sugar. The health of a group of obese children was dramatically improved after participating in this study for just ten days that involved reducing the consumption of added sugars. Average LDL cholesterol counts fell by 10 points, diastolic blood pressure fell 5 points, and triglycerides plummeted 33 points for the over 40 children in the study.

This is far from the only study that has pointed out how dangerous sugar can be. According to The American Dietary Guidelines Committee, added sugars are recommended to be under 10 percent of your total calorie consumption, or about 12 teaspoons daily for an adult. Though even that is a bit high if you ask the World Health Organization, who claim that added sugar consumption should be half of that, at 5 percent of total calorie consumption. Still not convinced? Well it’s not just the candy, pie and donuts you have to worry about, sugary drinks could be the real silent killer. Research released by Circulation points to sugar-filled drinks as the main culprit. According to the study, men who had two sweetened drinks per day had a 23 percent higher risk of heart failure, which potentially leads to 184,000 deaths per year in the world.

Both your oral and overall health are at stake when you consume excessive amounts of sugar, so while you’re enjoying your family and friends this holiday season try to take it easy! When you’re ready for your post-holiday dental checkup, give your favorite dentist in Gilbert, Lifetime Family Dental a call!

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