What is Reconstructive Dentistry in Gilbert?

Smile Makeover: What is Reconstructive Dentistry in Gilbert?

What is Reconstructive Dentistry in Gilbert?

Have you heard about the wonders of complete reconstructive dentistry in Gilbert, but aren’t quite sure what that entails? Do you suffer from numerous dental maladies and fear that your case is beyond repair? Think again! Lifetime Family Dental is happy to treat those who need reconstructive dentistry in Gilbert. Reconstructive dentistry can consist of many different treatment options that work together to recreate and even enhance the natural state of your mouth!

Major problems with your oral health only get worse over time. Think of reconstructive dentistry as a total smile makeover that will result in the smile you never thought that you could have. Patients who have experienced this form of treatment from Dr. Norton and the team at Lifetime Family Dental report life-changing results. Below are a list of the types of procedures used often in tandem to achieve such transformative results.


  • · Inlays, onlays and porcelain crowns provide renewed strength and make your teeth whole again
  • · Dental implants and bridges can replace lost teeth from extractions or knocked out teeth
  • · Gum and bone grafting restore support structures in your teeth
  • · Dentures for those missing several or all of their teeth
  • · Root canals to restore decayed teeth and cure tooth infections
  • · Extraction of teeth prior to prosthetic replacement
  • · and dental bonding to sculpt and restore damaged teeth to their original dimensions or to fill minor cavities


Are you ready for your smile makeover in Gilbert? We’re ready when you are! Contact Lifetime Family Dental today to restore your smile and keep it looking amazing for the rest of your life.

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