Smiles Are Essential

Remembering to smile is as important in day-to-day life as getting dressed, bringing your laptop to work, or checking off your to-do list. The impact of a genuine smile goes beyond what you might imagine. Lifetime Family Dental (located in Gilbert, Arizona) helps enhance your beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry. We also want to help you understand that embracing your smile brings you many advantages in life!

The Impact of A Smile

A smile is more impactful than one may realize. On a daily basis people may smile or scowl depending on circumstances or their mood. However, choosing to smile is one of the most beneficial choices you can make, no matter what you feel. The benefits include:

1. Improved Immune System: When you smile, serotonin and endorphins are released that allows the tension in your body to leave. These hormones are commonly known as the “happy” hormones, due to the improvement of mood and attitude that they create. Therefore, if you want to feel better, embrace your smile!

2. Reduced Stress: When stress rises due to work, family, or life balance, a smile can literally change your day. A smile can make your mind believe that you are actually happy through the release of the “happy” hormones. The stress melts away through putting on a smile. Those who smile more often are shown to be happier people all around, as psychologists have studied and proven.  

3. Smiling Creates Opportunities: When you are confident, people and opportunities are attracted to you. To show confidence and intelligence, smile! A smile communicates success, positive personality, and likeability.  Employers prefer to hire individuals who can build rapport with their colleagues, clients, and are trustworthy. Smiling allows people to feel safe around you, and disarms fear. The simple power of a smile is a sure-fire way to progress toward gaining your dream job.


The ability to have confidence in your smile can be hard for some people. Due to chipping, discoloration, or other issues with their teeth, individuals often have insecurities when showing off their teeth when smiling. This can hinder them in various ways. Here at Lifetime Family Dental, we not only want to help improve the look of your beautiful smile, but allow you to build confidence in it. The confidence begins with you and disperses from there. Cosmetic dentistry can help improve the look of your smile and your quality of life!  


Smiling is a universal language that connects people, breaks down barriers, and makes way for opportunities. Life is too short not to smile. Let us help you relax and embrace your beautiful smile today! Why wait?


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/27/2022) Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash