Smiling makes you look thinner and younger?

Smiling makes you look thinner and younger?

Looking to shed a few pounds? Wish that you still looked as good as you did back in your glory days? There may be a freakishly simple way to accomplish both! According to new research out of the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s department of psychology, all you have to do is smile! While you won’t physically lose any weight, you will look lighter and younger according to this study.

According to the research, people perceive you as younger if you are smiling versus frowning or remaining neutral. When students were asked to identify whether someone looked “young” or “old” when viewing photos of people between the ages of 30 and 65, if the person was smiling more students chose “young” than if the person had a neutral expression – regardless of age group. The people photographed with neutral expressions were ranked “old” more often in each age group. The takeaway? Generally speaking, when you smile you look younger!

A previous study out of the same university was conducted similarly and found the same correlation between smiling and appearing skinnier. When images of people were flashed on a screen, students reported those who were frowning to be heavier. So if you want to lose a few pounds, start by smiling and you’ll look even thinner!

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (6/5/2016) Josef Seibel (Flickr)