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Strengthen Your Teeth

A strong foundation is a well recognized principle in many disciplines. A structurally strong foundation is applicable when building bridges, building a house, starting a relationship, and even having healthy teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is built on having a strong foundation for teeth and gums. Lifetime Family Dental wants to help you with your cosmetic dental needs in order to have that brilliant smile, but also strong healthy teeth.

Dental, teeth, arizona

Breakdown of Strong Teeth 

Over time there can be much wear and tear on your teeth. Whether it’s the enamel on your teeth or, the bone structure as a whole, damage can be in many different places. Regular wear on your teeth can be caused by many things, including:

  • *Overuse of sugary drinks
  • *Acidic foods
  • *Overbrushing
  • *Grinding Teeth
  • *Vomiting frequently
  • *Medications causing dry mouth

There are many factors that can play a role in weakening your teeth, but recognizing those that you can control is beneficial for your overall health.

Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth

Our teeth are not only important for eating, chewing and talking, but also for the health of our overall body. When we are focused on good oral health, it actually stems from focusing on healthy choices for our whole body. Being intentional in strengthening your teeth can help decrease long term costs for your oral health. There are certain ways to ensure healthy teeth strengthening. These include:

  • *Eat nutrient-rich, whole, unprocessed foods
  • *Take regular vitamins to increase heart health and bone health
  • *Eat foods high in calcium, zinc, phosphorous, vitamin D, and vitamin K12
  • *Replenish your system with probiotics
  • *Avoid acidic, sugary foods and drink

Whether your teeth weaken due to factors beyond your control or not, there are many steps you can take to strengthen your teeth that also benefits your overall health.


Recognizing oral health and overall physical health are important factors to living a happier, enjoyable and productive life. These can also be the first steps towards a better smile. When you are able to embrace who you are with confidence, realize that you are valuable enough to treated well, and have great self care, you will change your life. A genuine smile will be hard to stop, especially when it is a brilliant award winning smile from the help of Lifetime Family Dental’s cosmetic dentistry care. Let us help you embrace who you were meant to be, starting with great oral health.


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