sensitive, sensitivity, dental

Teeth Sensitivity

sensitive, sensitivity, dental

If you find that you have pain and bleeding following brushing your teeth, or have sensitivity with hot or cold water, or sweet foods, we can help! Lifetime Family Dental, located in Gilbert Arizona, wants to help with all your cosmetic dentistry needs, but also general dentistry to ensure the best functioning and the cleanest teeth possible. Having sensitive teeth can be a pain that is irritating, and one that is unnecessary. There are ways to help, and one way is to recognize causes for sensitive teeth.


Our daily living may help to increase the sensitivity in our teeth, but if we don’t know what that is, we cannot help it. Some issues causing sensitive teeth include:

  •   *Cavities
  •   *Exposed root
  •   *Gum disease
  •   *Worn down enamel
  •   *Tooth fractures

Whatever the cause of your sensitivity, Lifetime Family Dental can bring relief.

Ways to Help Sensitivity

To build a stronger protective layer around your teeth, there are several things you and your dentist can do to help decrease sensitivity. These include:

  •   *Fillings: For the bacteria that combines with the leftover food particles in your mouth, which creates holes in the tooth, these can be corrected through fillings by your dentist to decrease sensitivity.
  •   *Fluoride: Following in office fluoride treatments, gel impressions of your teeth are taken so you can continue regular treatments at home.
  •   *Gum Grafting: A periodontist will place gum tissue grafts where the gum has receded due to disease or trauma.
  •   *Root Canal: When a cavity or fracture causes an abscess in the tooth, a root canal can be done to improve the strength and viability of your tooth.
  •   *Toothpaste: A sensitive toothpaste can do wonders to help decrease the pain. It is important to get a recommended toothpaste from your friendly dentist that is specific to your needs.

Your best solution to any sensitivity is first discussing it with your dentist to rule out any serious issues. The irritation or pain is unnecessary for you to live with. Come see Lifetime Family Dental today to help with sensitivity and get your pain free smile back!


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