Is it Time for a Dental Spring Cleaning?

dentist in Gilbert, AZ

March 20th just passed, and as most of you know, that date marks the first day of Spring. Along with vacations and warmer weather, Spring also is known for it’s infamous tradition: Spring cleaning. A feeling of overwhelming dread at the current state of your home’s little-seen corners and crevices may have just washed over you, but never fear! Your dentist in Gilbert, Dr. Norton and the staff at Lifetime Family Dental, can help shoulder the load of this year’s Spring cleaning. No, we don’t mean that we’ll be making a trip to your home and strapping on the yellow rubber gloves, but we can help clean your teeth!

It is recommended you schedule a dental cleaning every 6 months, and what better time than now when you’re already in a cleaning frenzy! Springtime is the season of fresh starts – why not expand that to include fresh breath?

Your recommended twice a year cleaning is important for many reasons. Our staff can evaluate your gum tissue, check chewing and biting patterns, exam teeth for decay, provide stain removal and teeth whitening, remove plaque and tarter, as well as send you on your way with some helpful tips on how to keep your teeth nice and clean for the next Spring!

Contact local Dentist in Gilbert AZ, Dr. Norton at Lifetime Family Dental, for more information on what to expect during your spring cleaning! And if you want to get to know us a little better, visit our video page for a more in depth look.

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