It’s Time for Your Yearly Dental Spring Cleaning!

dental spring cleaning gilbert

Boy, how time flies! It seems like yesterday it was Christmas, but we’ve already passed Easter and March 20th – otherwise known as the first day of Spring! The fun aspects of Spring and Summer tend to be vacations, enjoying the outdoors and the end of the school year. However, Spring is also known for another infamous tradition: Spring cleaning. A feeling of sheer terror at the thought of at the current state of your home may have just struck your soul, but never fear! Your dentist in Gilbert, Dr. Norton and the team at Lifetime Family Dental, can help ease your burden during this year’s Spring cleaning. Unfortunately we won’t be making any housecleaning house calls, but we can certainly clean your teeth! Don’t sweep your dental health under the rug.

All dentists, including Dr. Norton, recommend a dental cleaning biannually (every 6 months), and now is the perfect time since you’re already in cleaning mode! This time of year is known for fresh starts, so you may as well include fresh breath too!

This biannual cleaning is important for a number of reasons. The Lifetime Family Dental staff can check chewing and biting patterns, evaluate your gum tissue, provide stain removal and teeth whitening, examine teeth for decay, remove plaque and tarter, and send you back to your newly clean home with some useful tips regarding how to keep your teeth fresh and clean all year until the next Spring!

Contact your local Dentist in Gilbert AZ, Dr. Norton at Lifetime Family Dental, for more information on what to expect during your spring cleaning!

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