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Tongue Rings

Ever wonder why Dentists do not approve of tongue rings? A tongue ring can do major damage to your dental health. There are several ways that tongue rings affect your oral health and may potentially allow several health issues to arise. At Lifetime Family Dental, in Gilbert, Arizona, we have seen first hand the negative effects of tongue rings in which we then provide cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry to correct the negative results.

tongue, dental

Common Issues

There are several different types of tongue rings. The most common ring is a stud. Studs are the most versatile and come in varying colors and shapes such as stars, hearts, or triangles. Other types of piercings can be rings. These piercings are inserted through the main part of the tongue or through the thin membrane that connects the tongue to the bed of the mouth. These piercings are creating holes through major parts of the body which makes them vulnerable to consistent bacteria and germs. We have seen, first hand, some of the negative effects that are caused by tongue rings. These issues include:

  • *Broken/Chipped teeth
  • *Movement of Teeth
  • *Bacterial Infections
  • *Periodontal Disease
  • *Gum Recession
  • *Loss of One or More Teeth

Tongue rings and piercings come with a numerous concerns involving the bacteria that can create deeper issues.


Lifetime Family Dental has been a part of treating the unfortunate effects of tongue rings. A recent patient was a 24 year old female who learned this lesson the hard way. Dr Norton began recognizing concerning signs in relation to the tongue ring in her semi annual check ups. He noticed gum recession and bone loss where he was advising the patient to take out her tongue ring in order to stop progression of the issues. Dr. Norton recommended a connective tissue graft to help stabilize her lower front teeth because the recession was wreaking havoc on the strength of her teeth. Unfortunately, the patient did not comply with treatment that was advised. What started as an easy fix ended up in the extraction of her two lower, front teeth and then putting implants in their place.


We believe that we can help you save time, money, and infections. To find out ways to protect and care for your tongue ring, if you do not want to take it out, contact us today! We know tongue rings can be a fun piercing to get but make an appointment to ensure that it is not affecting your dental health.


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