The Unknown Health Benefits of a Quality Smile

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There are so many benefits to having a happy, healthy smile sometimes it’s easy to forget them all! Of course there are the obvious directly-related oral health positives like the resistance and ability to fight off or treat gum disease, tooth aches, TMJ, and cavities. There are also the clear aesthetic advantages of having pristinely white and straight teeth that can lead to more job opportunities, attention from potential romantic suitors, and raise your own self confidence. Lifetime Family Dental provide all the dental services in Gilbert, AZ you need to stay on top of your dental health. Here are just a few more reasons to maintain that quality smile and some additional motivation to show it off.

Smile Facts

Smiling is a universal indication of happiness in humans, and is the most easy to recognize facial expression. Generally, studies have shown that happy people smile between 40-50 times a day. Even babies in the womb smile according to sonograms. There are about 17 different variations of smiles, but there are two main types of smiles. The “Duchenne” or eyes-and-mouth smile which is considered the true indicator of happiness contracts both zygomatic major muscles and the orbicularis oculi muscles. The more insincere smile has come to be known as the “Botox” smile, which is where a person doesn’t smile with their eyes.

An Indicator of Success

It appears that smiles can be a sign of good things to come. According to a study out of UC Berkley in 2001, women who had the largest smiles in their yearbook pictures had the most long-lasting marriages, happiest lives, and suffered from fewer setbacks over the following thirty years.

A Smile a Day

Just the very act of smiling is good for your heart health. After conducting a study involving nearly 170 students, researchers from University of Kansas found that during stressful activities, students with genuine “Duchenee” smiles had lower heart rates than those with neutral expressions or “Botox” smiles.

A Painful Frown

The wonders of smiling don’t stop there. According to a study published in the Journal of pain, smiles can even reduce pain. People who smiled during an unpleasant procedure reported feeling less pain than those who frowned.

Still not convinced that you need to keep your smile in great shape? Tune back in next week for the second installment of this article. If you’re ready to take advantage of dental services in Gilbert, AZ by Lifetime Family Dental to ensure you are confident in your smile and can take advantage of all the listed benefits of smiling, contact us today!

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