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Want to Be More Likeable? First Step: Smile More

Want to Be More Likeable? First Step: Smile More

It’s not news to anyone that a certain level of likeability or charisma in either your professional or personal life will go a long way. You may spend all day reading up on your industry or current events, but if you don’t have the personality to balance out your intelligence, you’ll likely be outpaced by those with both social skills and book smarts. (According to the Review of Economics and Statistics). An article published on CNBC featured an interview with Joe Hart, the CEO of Dale Carnegie, that discussed how one might go about becoming more likeable in the workplace. Hint: step one involves showing off that beautiful smile in Arizona you’ve maintained with the help of Lifetime Family Dental.

Step One: Exude the right energy by smiling more. One of the best ways to remedy a lackluster attitude or energy is to simply smile more. Not only will people enjoy your company more, you will come off much more friendly and approachable, and you will also trigger mood-enhancing chemicals in your own brain.

Step Two: Address who you are talking to by name. Perhaps we are all a bit narcissistic deep down, because the truth is we all love hearing our own name. Obviously you don’t want to overdo it and come off aggressive or fake, but using someone’s name shows acceptance, friendliness and respect.

Step Three: Look the part with nice posture. Stand up straight! It’s not just good for your back, it’s also good for your likeability. You want your body language to portray confidence. The best way to do this is to stand up straight and use occasional hand gestures.

Ready to climb the ladder of success? These three steps will certainly go a long way. Remember to exude that positive energy with a beautiful smile in Arizona, courtesy of your favorite dentist, Lifetime Family Dental! Schedule an appointment today.

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