Weird Dental Facts & Stats!

Weird Dental Facts & Stats!

Weird Dental Facts & Stats!

Who doesn’t love weird little factoids you can amaze and shock your family and friends with? Here are some great dental stats and facts you can share with the whole family. Do you have any questions about your teeth and gums or just want to hear some more interesting tid bits? Ask Dr. Norton and the staff at Lifetime Family Dental at your next appointment! Our knowledgeable staff might amaze you with all that we know!

1. Don’t think your dental checkups are all that important? Think again! Nine out of ten life-threatening diseases have some kind of oral symptom.

2. Do you worry about the smell of your breath regularly? You’re not alone! Over a billion dollars is spent yearly on products that merely mask bad breath and 65% of Americans are estimated to suffer from halitosis (bad breath). Don’t just cover up your bad breath… visit your Gilbert dentist and get your mouth treated!

3. Want to hear some really weird facts? Here you go! On average, every human generates 25,000 quarts of saliva in their lifetime… enough to fill 2 swimming pools! Now consider that there are over 100 million million bacteria in a single drop of saliva… that’s a lot of bacteria! Ready to get your teeth cleaned yet?

4. Now onto flossing! Did you know that if you avoid flossing you are also avoiding cleaning 35% of the total tooth surface in your mouth! Gross! Thankfully a lot of us do floss, as over 3 million miles of floss is purchased every year in North America alone!

5. Last but not least, a little dental history lesson! Can you guess when the first toothbrush was invented? The earliest known toothbrush was created in China around 1600 BC! It wasn’t anything like the fancy electronic toothbrushes we have now… just a simple chewing stick! So don’t complain about your tooth brush!

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Jen Knoedl