What does your smile say about your future?

What does your smile say about your future?

What does your smile say about your future?

We all wonder what people think about our smile. It’s only natural to want to look our best. But what does our smile say about our futures? You may be surprised to hear that the condition, frequency, and intensity of your smile all can be indicators for your personal and professional future. Obviously, having healthy, clean teeth will always be a positive in the future and present, but what else can your smile say? Read on for the answer to “What does your smile say about your future?”

How much money you’ve got in the bank

People who smiled a lot and considered themselves happy as a teen tend to make above the average income level as adults according to this study. If you’re young and unhappy, cheer up and things will get better!

How successful your marriage will be

The intensity of your smile may be a tell as to whether your relationship or marriage will last. After studying yearbook photos, a study found that those with the smiles with higher intensity had more successful marriages. Don’t believe it? Not a single participant that was in the top 10 of smile intensity was divorced! Not only that, the divorce rate was abnormally high for those in the low smile strength category.

Your ability to have children

Did you know that female fertility is closely tied with oral health? Women who have symptoms of gum disease can take two months longer to conceive on average. This is according to a study published on Medical News Today. If you want to start a family, take care of those teeth and gums!

Want to change your future? Start visiting your Gilbert dentist and smiling a lot more and a lot more intensely!

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