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Wonderful, Weird Arizona: Part II

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In our last blog, we introduced just a few wonderful, weird facts and stats about our home state Arizona. We just had so much fun digging into some of these fun facts we decided to do part 2! Get a kick out our list? Share this blog with your friends and don’t forget… we love new faces! The team at Lifetime Family Dental hope to see you and your friends & family soon!

7. You might not know you’re in a desert if you’re hanging out by either Lake Powell or Lake Mead here in Arizona. They are the top 2 largest man made lakes in the United States.

8. Think mail delivery by horse or mule is old fashioned? Not for the village of Supai located inside the Grand Canyon! This village is the only place in the US where mail is delivered via mule!

9. On the subject of Native American villages, in Navajo County, Arizona, there is a Hopi village named Oraibi. This village is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited village in all of America. How old is it? 1200 A.D.!

10. If you live in Arizona, you know the Saguaro cactus. In fact, for those who have never visited Arizona, that is probably the first thing they think of. This endangered cactus can grow as tall as a five-story building! Wondering where all the water is in AZ (other than Lake Powell and Mead)? A mature saguaro can store as many as nine TONS of water.

11. Do you know why Flagstaff, Arizona loves their dark skies? It’s a rich tradition. At 7,000 ft above sea level (quite a bit higher than the “mile high” city of Denver), it’s the perfect vantage point for star gazing. Pluto was first discovered in Flagstaff at the Lowell Observatory by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930!

12. Like a good scare? Arizona is home to a few famous haunted spots. One of which is the Jerome Grand Hotel which was originally a miner’s hospital. It is thought to be the most haunted place in Arizona.

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Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (2/16/2017) Ken Bosma (Flickr)