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It’s easy to think that toothaches are a modern problem. In fact, people throughout history have suffered with toothache, and most simply endured the pain for days or weeks. Queen Elizabeth I of England famously refused to have a toothache treated, while George Washington lost all his teeth to decay by the time he became the first President of the United States. So you see, tooth pain can afflict anyone at any time.

While our ancestors may have had to suffer with tooth pain for a long time, today you can deal with toothache very quickly. In fact, if you get regular dental checkups and care properly for your teeth, you can avoid toothaches entirely.

There are many reasons your teeth might hurt. One of the most common reasons for tooth pain is sensitive teeth. If you feel a short, sharp pain in your teeth or gums when you eat or drink cold or hot foods or beverages, you may have sensitive teeth. If you have healthy teeth and see your dentist for regular checkups, you should not be overly concerned about this type of brief, minor tooth pain.

Some people find that they’re grinding their teeth in their sleep, causing daytime pain. Or, sinus problems can cause tooth or mouth pain. However, if you suffer from long-term (chronic) tooth pain, or if you have a sharp and sustained tooth pain, you should have it checked out right away and properly treated by a dentist.

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